White Male Speaking

Right off the bat i would like to introduce myself and some tidbits about me, that i think you would love to use to shape your ideas about how i see the world and how these things may advantage or disadvantage me as i progress through life.

  • 24 year Old White Male
  • Parents Divorced at 3
  • Only Child
  • Currently a College Dropout
  • Grew up in Poverty
  • D- in political correctness
  • Only white employee present during the events taking place
  • Los Angeles

From what i understand about blog posts, it’s someone presenting you with their intricate opinions on a certain hot topic or idea. This post is more myself looking to gain an understanding on a very hot topic at the moment. Racism.

Working my 9-5 today, we were all putting in our $2 for out lottery tickets in the office and one of my colleagues(Hispanic 27 Year old male) had said something along the lines of “some hick in middle america is going to win, watch”, a statement like this to me isn’t really all that offensive, as i see myself as pretty open minded, and careless to racial stereotypes, and lets face it middle America, y’all got a few more hicks than your neighboring coasts. Anyways getting to the point here, another one of my fellow workers who is the strong feminist type (got mad that i asked her for advice on taking care of my hair because i asked her and not a male co-worker) and is a Hispanic Female in her late 20’s jumped in and started cracking white jokes too, referencing the great Dave Chapelle “if anyone is going to be F***ing my sister it’s going to be me” and i thought back to a statement she had made months back about how racist people can be so i decided to call her out on making racist comments and if i were to say an equivalent statement the other way, i’d most likely lose my job.

So, she says it doesn’t work that way as i’m part of the empowered or dominating group,while you can be prejudice to white people, it is impossible to be racist to them, since they are the dominating race at this time(sounds a lot like the male/female sexist argument) and any white person saying they’re a victim of racism are claiming “reverse racism”. At this point i’m lost with red flags flying up in my mind all over the place, thinking this doesn’t make any sense. So i take a trip to the office throne and jump on google and see what this reverse racism is about and it turns out that this is a thing.

This may come off insensitive, but i really don’t see how this works and i would love some clarity on the idea that one race can get away with saying racist comments while another cannot. Again i’d like to state that i’m not arguing the comment itself, because i simply don’t care about racist comments really at all, you can say i pork my cousins or eat squirrels, or i have the good credit/get out of jail free life package and i strongly believe we’d have a better world today if less people cared about little jokes like this about any race really. Asians love rice, Indians eat curry, jews are cheap, black people and fried chicken….you get the idea. What i can’t wrap my mind around is how the “dominating race” is censored from saying things like this while the “dominated races” can say whatever they’d like.

I’m fully aware of the perceived advantages of non-colored white people today, and the argument i’m making isn’t that Michael Brown was guilty or Donald Trump for president. I’m mainly just confused as to how this makes any sense? I can’t say racist comments because white males in general hold a position of power in America, while any other race can say whatever they’d like and it’s all fun and games. Please Explain






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